The Browns are trying a new approach heading into the 2020 season: Being quiet


Let's start here in Cleveland atom I heard Baker Mayfield say last week last year was total and complete chaos. They had so much noise around the organization. Now it's like a church mouse. It's totally quiet. WHAT'S THE MANTRA? What's going on there with this approach? Well the circus that was in Cleveland left and has gone to Tampa Bay in the interim. Basically, you've got a new general manager Andrew Berry new head coach, and Kevin Stefanski and the noise that accompanied this team last year has quite a quite a bit I think people are more interested in seeing Ben Rothlisberger return in Pittsburgh. The return of the NFL's raining MVP Lamar Jackson in Baltimore even the number one overall pick Joe borrowing, Cincinnati that browns are. The least sexy story in the AFC north this season and so they're flying under the radar, which is a good thing for this team. They don't need anymore engine. Let them win before we anoint the Cleveland Browns and contender and I think that they're very encouraged by what they've seen so far from their team this summer

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