Trump and his physician deny he had 'mini-strokes'


Into the mini stroke. Situation. And as I was recounting before we took the top of the hour break, I was prompting you to remember last fall. When the president had this little Walter Reed excursion. It was unannounced and remember. That Trump's White House physician, Dr Sean Conley, He hustled the president into a limo and rode with him to the hospital. Remember that? The one house said at the time that the weekend visit was to begin his routine annual exam. But there was another break from protocol because nobody at Walter Reed was advised that the president was coming and it wasn't on. Trump's schedule, typically any type of visit. It's on the schedule. The press is alerted, sometimes even a day in advance. And then nobody. Walter Reed knew the president was coming. So that added to the intrigue added to the mystery. White House pool reporters said that they were told that Trump's movements that Saturday was strictly One reportable. Quickly on reportable. Until he arrived at the hospital, so they weren't supposed to report anything until he got to the hospital. That was a 2 47 PM now despite the irregularities in the White House press office, they released a statement afterward. Saying that Trump was merely taking advantage of a free weekend here in Washington to start his physical because he's anticipating a very busy 2020. Right. That's what the White House said fast forward. And we have a new book coming out. By Michael Schmidt. Of the New York types, not not Schmidt. But Schmidt. And that's a C H m i d t. And of course I'm s C h and I t t. And in this book, this Schmidt Dude reports that Vice President Mike Pence. Was told to be on standby to assume. Presidential powers during Trump's Rather abrupt visit toe. Walter Reed and Schmidt writes, quote this from the book. In the hours leading up to Trump's trip to the hospital. Word went out in the West Wing for the vice president to be ready to be on standby to take over the powers of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure. That would have required him to be anesthetized. Now, clearly if you just want to take advantage of getting a jump on your Physical. I don't see a need that the V P would have to be notified that he could be assuming powers. And why the hell would you have to be a anesthetized if you just pop it so things that didn't add up And now you have this passage from the book? And is this true or is this false? Based on what we know of the book at this point. Schmidt doesn't speculate. What procedure could have been under consideration. So if this is accurate, what the hell could have been going on? What could trump have been? So potentially under the need for anesthesia in what would potentially put Mike Pence. In the in the chair. A Zach Ting president while the president was under, for instance. What, So we don't know? We also don't know what his sourcing for the information about the hospital visit is But here's where it gets a little bit weird. That mortar the story your folks It's a little strange here. The response for President Trump. This morning. He denied suffering a Siri's of many strokes. And it's strange. Strange here. It's It's odd because Steve Schmidt or Ah, sorry, Michael Schmidt, rather Michael Schmidt in the book. Hey. Never stated that Trump had suffered any small or many Schroecksnadel. So here's the president denying that he suffered a Siri's of many strokes. Based on the details of this book coming out and the trip to Walter Reed, but No. Where did this Michael Schmidt bring up? Many strokes. Or TIA, or whatever. So Schmitz book doesn't get specific. But Trump did get specific. And this is what the president tweeted out this morning. It never ends. Now They're trying to say that your favorite president me went toe Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a Siri's of many strokes. Never happened to this candidate. Fake news. Perhaps they're referring to another candidate from another party exclamation point. I just thought why did President Trump bring up? Many stroke when the reporter and the author of the book doesn't make any mention Of a stroke or even suggesting anything close. So that's where the story gets a little odd that an hour later, Schmidt responded to the president in a tweet of his own and he wrote Book says nothing about many strokes.

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