Trump says Kenosha trip could increase 'enthusiasm' amid concerns it will stir tensions


President Trump is off to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Today we got a preview from CBS News. White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy. President Trump says he doesn't believe his trip to Kenosha will increase. It also increased enthusiasm. And it could increase love and respect for our country. Mr. Trump, who says he'll meet with law enforcement, but not the family of Jacob Blake offered a defensive Kyle Riton house, the 17 year old accused of killing two men in Kenosha with a semiautomatic rifle. I guess he was in very big trouble he would have been, I probably would have been killed, but it's under its under investigation. Meantime, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden blames the president for rioting, saying he's stoking violence in our cities. CNN. Washington correspondent Ryan Nobles told us this morning that while Biden's response is a part of his campaign strategy, it also serves as a reminder of how the president has responded to the protests and the point that Joe Biden made yesterday's and all these problems are happening under Presidents Watch in, while President Trump is trying to create this dystopian gloom and doom picture of what could happen If Joe Biden were elected, Biden is reminding voters that President Trump is currently the president, and that's what's happening right now. So Biden tryingto make sure that he is clear that he's on the side of the social justice protesters. But he also agrees that the violence is a bridge too far and that there needs to be some sort of calm brought too many of these cities. Biden condemned the violence, saying rioting and looting is not protest Ng it's lawlessness.

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