Claire Ratinon on growing food in small spaces

On The Ledge


Worked in lots of different settings and so you've got rich a rich tapestry of things to draw on for this book I must say though going back to tomorrow toes whenever I talk to anyone who sort of has has a a balcony or patio and grown anything for they always start with tomato it with that. People always think that tomatoes are I mean. I you know having say of a few years of growing tomatoes under our belts. You think every year for me anyway every year and I think I know what I'm doing with tomatoes but every year something goes wrong different way. Then not the easiest things I just I guess it's something they're very. Visual people understand how they grow. What do you think is with tomatoes that everyone? Even. It's probably the first thing other than solid, which was what I was trying to grab in the nation is probably the say destroy degrades of. and which was a lovely. Appalling attentive Goering's. Completely, adults. I believe I think it's because they grow your in classic. They very satisfying to buy when they were and they and they are abundant. And I say I think I, think a loss of the skills you will lend us in other plants you can cultivate them through praises as with most lawns it's. wonderfully straightforward, always easy legitimate once the age of the price, it does make it an easy crisis sincerity. But yeah, I tell you honestly no I think it's one of those things that like everybody assumes myspace outwit, and so we all just keep feeding not story by doing to. Ensure, idea to other people take that. Is. Dog Mattis. Ever good. He's got them. Say Song Trixie That's one of the things easily grind. Fuel ubiquity. But I think that's one point where people do go ride rolling the stall in that. Your Voice on this in the book is excellent in that most people of to look at what other people are growing and what they think they should be growing rather than thinking about what actually do I You know I see so near where there's like more. Onions planted than anybody could be a year or just like cauliflower anything deep green. And I think that's the same with green containers the whistle subject to these. Ideas about what we should be growing. The aren't necessarily don't necessarily align with what we actually using. I liked the way that you know. You pointed out that you know a single Kujat plan can choose up to thirty fruits like how much you? Can. Do these in the? Evening. Classic, classic the Cool Jazz is like I love Kujat. I. But even this year is a perfect. He was offense yet. I've got actress spaces that might not grow in a move to the countryside the most. And I go. What is to unity? I assume any. I'm sweating to read. It was a BIOS have I always have at least bring Jesus I. always seem to have lost occasionally I'll be lucky Sierra Nevada all do well, we'll have two phones should probably give them away didn't have the sheet teams account called throw a healthy season side just found a bank to. A. but luckily, for me a line jets but we all right more than I can we can. We can send a guy tool the busiest time anywhere. It's like old stay in an assault that we keep just flooding their. Risk ladies spy. But Yeah if you don't Michael Jets just because it's great plummeted works if you've got the right conditions for what well. Guarded if you willing to eat that many cool jet. So you haven't somebody who's willing to take the excess because that's a waste ready. Precious face is big decision that you need to make is. If you're growing in insoles faces you your sunny space is limited and you have to make a decision about how you use you. The reason about six months and I finally got the Rim to create than for myself and the for I have completely done it. But if I was growing in on a balcony, there's no way I'M GONNA degrading school Jan Crohn's Zubi say depressing is I would be able to have space to grow the things I would want to get to. Experience in this season, say happened you have to really. Take the time to plan what you want your growing season's light because you don't want to end up in move having on st medical jets they designed to eat.

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