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Welcome back to another episode of this week and Photo GonNa Treat for you today I'm speaking with John Thou-. He's down in southern California and he's doctor for slash illustrator who's WHO's made his mark taking amazing photographs of some amazing aircraft, and I'm excited to talk to him John Welcome to the show man how you doing. Frederick I'm doing great. Thanks you know you you you are very welcome. I'm excited dive into this 'cause you as you and I discussed our pre interview. Air Force, x Airforce Guy Air Force combat photo journalist used to take pictures of these planes haven't been in any of these planes the. No the only aircraft that I've flown in a U. H one in you know. Huey right. So photographers used to fly around with the doors open taking pictures of rocket launches and stuff like that. But I never had the opportunity to get in a fast burner. One of these guys. So a jealous. Don't be totally jealous. We've been around a whole lot of them, but I gotTA. Tell you post nine eleven that change for us to, and there's there's a lot of that I, the majority of my flight time in the amazing aircraft been really warbirds We've done some stuff with the air force where were in Casey one, thirty, five and I say. I say we that is not the royal we I it's I know we're talking about my catastrophe but my two sons have been a very integral part of slick pixels and we've been photographing with knee since they were. Gosh. Publishing were about eight years old each and so that's That's been a part of that. So when I say we, you want everybody to understand I'm talking about the three of us in that respect. But yeah, with the fast with the quote on quote fast air. We have not had that opportunity as much as we would alive. Civilian stuff and and some transports in some dice photo platforms but anyhow, don't be too jealous. AM still jealous though I mean. To be around those aircraft and and shoot 'em how we got you into this. Line of photography, what was the path that you that led you to the runway? That's a great question. So as a kid, my dad was a pilot private pile even though we had a commercial rating as as my grandfather was really my grandfather that I flew with primarily He was kind of the head electricity out at point Mugu and so in addition to his Gosh in addition to his pilot's love for aviation as piloting skills in world war two, he had flung be seventeens. Primarily stateside So he wasn't he was not on combat missions at that time, but anyway it at Magoo he had one of these things was to help with the air show every year. So from about the time I was about seven years old I was at I couldn't get enough point. Know I was out there and a garage in wonderful navy stuff and air force stuff and whatever every single year and. My family would always go out one day a year, and then I talked him into taking be with him and and I kind of go out there with him and he had set it up to where I was sitting with the pilots and going back and forth with the whether it was the blue angels or whoever needs set me up with some vendor on the flight line that I could go get lunch and I pretty much have the run of the place all weekend from the time of as eight years old. So that's what started it. I had a little Brownie camera that belonged to my mother that. You know there's actually GonNa, get a book I have coming out later this year there's a couple of those little shots still back in those days they used to they used to fire live sidewinders during an airshow and. Again today was pretty great. So how did you manage to avoid enlisting or signing up and going going top gun? You look like you could have been the top gun pilot. What happened I love that you say that Man I. Come in addition to photographic. Ask by the way I, did go in and I talked to a recruiter on more than one occasion. At the particular time I was going through I know now that I got what turned out to be a bad advice. I was told that I was too tall for fighters and I know now that that was not true I'm about six one. That's you know. So while I had sat in a t thirty eight felt a little cramped got a couple of buddies who do this professionally that are bigger guys than I did just find so. At the time I think they were looking for cargo pilots looking back on it sure the colleen and done that. But you know with my art career that had started to take off a bit and one thing leads to another I realized. I. Couldn't do both, and so I've done a lot of graphic design work in support of the military as well. So done doesn't work as a civilian contractor that way. So that's that's kind of how it ended up. You know at a God had different plans can I tell you but it's definitely the the road not taken for me.

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