Trump and his physician deny he had 'mini-strokes'


The president's tweets today regarding his health again, he says this was driven by Joe Lockhart Bill Clinton's old press secretary speculating about strokes and the president saying, no, no series of mini strokes apparently in the last thirty minutes or so he's tweeted again. On this subject. So he's really through his tweets amplified whatever lockhart was saying there you've had statements from the White House on this today can you shed any light about what's going on there as the matter of health on one hand, but there's just a matter of what is going on in the White House right now when it comes to this subject. This is purely driven by the president. The president as we discussed earlier had a trip to Kenosha that his team believes was a good trip in a good message for him in he overshadowed as he often does that trip that message by becoming obsessed with something that was not even on Cable News that was basically that was not reported it was not in. Michael Schmitz very good book but the idea of mini strokes was not in the book was a single tweet by a former press secretary under Bill Clinton. The president he got obsessed with it. He had his White House. Put out a statement from his physician. He tweeted about it again he's the one who purely injected in into the media today and it's also Worth noting there's more than a little hypocrisy complaining about speculation of of his health speculation about someone's helping you're not medical doctors of course irresponsible. But that is exactly what president trump did in two thousand, sixteen about Hillary Clinton in it's exactly what he's doing this time about Vice President Joe Biden. So you're seeing here a president who doesn't seem to be able to. Handle, a dose of his own medicine

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