Kansas City Chiefs unveil Super Bowl LIV rings

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Welcome to. The podcast for one of the hosts thinks playing guard means lurking next to the door in part synthetic truck that drives by that's me. I'm just getting. That's Lenny. And it's appropriate because I am joined today by a human being who played guard if you have to fill for eight seasons. That's right. Jeff Eight. Eight seasons just made it eight. That's the voice of Jeff Schwartz the host of the NFL podcast. Geoff Schwartz is smarter than you jeff is currently well. He's doing this podcast when he was just before we started, he was watching the super bowl ring ceremony for the Kansas City chiefs, which is the thing I did not know was happening until he told me. Yes and I feel very i. feel bad for them because this is supposed to be an I'd never won a super bowl but I've always wanted to one and the party looked so much fine. The Ring Ceremony Party they have like an April every year I mean it's a giant using I was at the Super Bowl. My. On my brother cheese right tackle I was at the Super Bowl postgame party when the chiefs one, they had flow rider and pit bull performed it was unbelievable. I imagine this'll be equally unbelievable but these these poor guys are just like. Wearing the masks are supposed to they're just walking out grabbing their rings. And Mike Moving on their families are putting together a message which is awesome. Just feels like this is like I I know the won the Super Bowl I feel bad for them. This is like nothing.

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