567 - Fortune Feimster - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura - burst 43


Watery to me I like it this pressings a strong and then a little bit of milk and so you really it doesn't overpower the Antisocial. Espresso, are you making your own Espresso at home with machine or are you going I usually go somewhere? That's my one splurge. I usually buy where do you go ground works out? That's that's like a fancy independent. Yeah. La Based on. La. Maybe but never really good espresso and they either do milk they make their own cashew milk and it's really good but it has some. Sugar in it. Is. My, Shit. Yeah, colder is good. A. Into Gibraltar's my friend. Got Me into Alfred's coffee I like Alfredsson I ordered double. Gibraltar. That's to ESPRESSOS Just a little bit of whole milk and I am on fire. It is light your brought white lightning. Alfred is good bluestone lanes good because these people these coffee places really perfected. Yeah. the

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