I'm a Democrat. So being don't be today a little bit of a mixed day.


About. And on Lee in America with a white man find a way to defend the oppressive while making the oppressed of victim. Now I saw on Hollywood unlocked. And the shade room yesterday where one of our fearless leader's queen to me, Cammalleri dropping a close bond fit to me. Commander speaking to some people said to Miko was wasting her time. I don't think standing up for Briana Tail or any black person who has lost their life due to systemic racism is a waste of time. I thought maybe this guy J. W. Lucas would have come to his senses and let you could talk some sense into him after being corrected. What? No. Let's listen extremely races for a white man to try to tell black people what we're doing where we need to go. What are issues that are that He's part of the game against me. Should be should be a leader in the Black lives matter movement because I'm more capable than you. You know what I understand the nature of

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