The Strange Death Of Jos De Jess

Latino USA


The first video has four hours of surveillance footage from May twentieth two, thousand, fifteen the day said died the video is grainy and it has no sound and this is on the day of his death on May Twentieth Two Thousand Fifteen. So, let's start. This surveillance camera is looking down at what seems to be one of the medical units at the detention center. In the video, we see detainees walking around some are on crutches to others are being pushed around wheelchairs. This is clearly a low level holding area. So remember this is the point at which say is still locked up by himself, but he's no longer on suicide watch he's been downgraded and we don't really know why and now he's being checked on every fifteen minutes by a guard. That's what say that the shower area maybe. Yeah. At about two thirty PM, we finally see Jose, we see two guards walk up to his cell, an escort him out they walk into the back of the frame and he walks into an area that the camera can't see. But we know from police documents that this is Jose took a shower minutes. Later he's escorted back to his cell. This is the last time Jose is seen walking around, and it's the last time he leaves the cell where he dies. About, three hours go by surveillance footage and every fifteen minutes a guard is seen walking by says door looking in and writing something down on a clipboard hanging outside his door. These are the checks that the doctor ordered and yes, the guard does come by every fifteen minutes although he doesn't spend much more than a few seconds looking in when he walks by then at the five thirty PM check the guard doesn't just walk by this time he looks in and then pauses exam. At Five twenty seven stairs. Knocks on the door. To host cell. The guard is bending over looking inside through a cutout in the door that they used to give detainees their food, and he continues to bend down for a couple of minutes perhaps calling out his name, and now he's standing there looks unsure looks in again. Doesn't look as call now he's moving quickly to sign that he realized something must be wrong. So they've got a detainee looking in the door probably speaking Spanish. No response he comes back with a few more. They opened the door for a second and then quickly shut it again, one by one five guards and two nurses gather outside the door waiting for another guard to come with a protective shield seven minutes have gone by since the guard found him unresponsive finally, they opened the door and move in. This is where the second video comes in. It's a hand held video taken by a guard in that very moment the moment, the guards and medical staff enter hoses sell. My God to watch my God Oh my God. All right. So the first thing we see is actually just to stop frame. Of some feet. Like looking like they're running. Video is allies. To fifty three. This is going to be intense people. Did. The video starts with Jose lying face down on a green mattress. He's not moving and the first guy that goes in puts a riot shield on his back. Jose is still alive but unresponsive. Over there. Let's as clearly making choking sounds and his body is entirely limb. Somebody misdiagnosis and says, he's having a seizure. Somebody else says if you see just leave him there. He's having a seizure. Another guard grabs as arms pulls them behind his back and puts handcuffs on them. That's when the shield is removed. The medical staff takes his pulse. Meanwhile, someone gives an order to take the handcuffs off. One of the guards seems to be having a hard time finding the right key and then fitting the key in the handcuffs he struggling to get them off of Jose. Because it's taking him. So long another guy tries to help him get the hangups. Off. Almost one minute goes by before the handcuffs are removed. Out. To give you an idea of how much time a minute is. That was just twelve seconds of it. Right after the handcuffs are removed, the video stops. We've been reporting on this case for so long we've met Jose's family and we felt like we knew a lot about him and yet this is the first time that we've ever seen him. The footage is haunting and yes, it leaves us with some answers but with even more questions, it's possible that they're doing everything by the book, but there's No way around it is that looking at it? You know looking at them like spend forty, five seconds fiddle with keys on handcuffing while a man is dying is super hard to watch. You know we know what happens. We know he dies. So we just watched the last two minutes and fifty three seconds of somebody somebody being alive. It's a lot. And knowing what we know now, the people in that room didn't know but we know that will we're watching is somebody who put a sock down his mouth. So far down his throat, we can't

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