What the Shell? Cracking the Lobster's Mysteries



I still get emails about this episode of the show friends where Ross and Rachel the characters finally hookup after this law. Middle Row Manson phoebe is Kinda Tree hugger in the group She's like Oh look I knew it. Her lobster. Because, she has this kind of pop culture idea going that lobsters made life. In, there it's going to happen. How did you know that? Because she's your lobster on you guys, it's a known fact that lobsters fall love and mate for life and you know you can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank. Hoping 'cause. They. Are lobster. All these years later, I can still hear phoebe in my head saying bad. She convinced millions of people that lobsters are super romantic on the all I care is that lobsters are super delicious but I guess it's good that they have some happiness before ending up inside a buttered roll. Delicious Delicious Lobster Roll I live in New England and Lobster are pretty much the pinnacle of summer here. Perfect for the latest episode of gastropod The podcast that looks at food. Through the Lens of Science in history I'm Cynthia Graber and I'm Nicola Twilley and this episode we're considering the lobster like first things I do lobster's really have lifelong love affairs as phoebe claims or are there relationships a little more complicated than that heads up for those of you listening with folks who might find lobster sex little too steamy. Sorry. But this episode really does get into it with the lobster bedroom action you have been warned time getting a little worm. Already but speaking of steamy, how did steamed lobsters go from prison fair to the highest chalance a fine dining out of the lobster go from trashy too fancy and finally, what does the military one with our lobsters quick note from our last episode for you Baker's out there some listeners. Let us know that American pyrex is no longer borough silica glass. European. PYREX is which is great. But American. PYREX is now made of tempered Soda Lime Glass which is the same. Stuff as drinking glasses, but the tempering means it's harder and also heat resistant, but it's not quite as shatterproof Hasbro Silica class. So Americans can cook in this new PYREX. There's a lot of fine print from the company about how to use. It can actually shatter. We've updated the episode, but we also wanted those of you who already listen to know and be careful if you've got the newer American pyrex exploding glass is not a fun mix in cakes and casseroles. Couple of weeks ago I had to Maine, with my partner Tim for some very critical gastropod research someone has to do the hard work on this show Cynthia taking one for the team like the hero she is. I'M GONNA see how easy it is to crack this lobster shell. They didn't give me any like cranky things. How do I crack a lobster? Without a lobster cracker to bring your own. It didn't say turns out. All I had to do is go back to where the Napkins were and grab a nutcracker okay. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA try. Okay. That's not so bad. So the cracking wasn't super hard to do, and then I sat right into gorge myself on all that delicious lobster meat of course, all the while dipping it into the cup of melted butter. One of the very few things I miss about living on the east coast is the summertime lobster roll. I personally am a hot butter girl although I won't turn down a Cold Mayo. Role I'm equal opportunity when it comes to lobster roll I love lobster rolls. I also love whole steamed lobsters as you listeners all just heard and some are really is the height of lobster season here. It's when the waters closer to shore warm up and the lobsters crawl into that shallower water to and mate, and they also happen to crawl into lots of local lobster traps. Summer is also when the shore in. New. England finally. Warms up enough for lots of tourists to crawl out onto it and enjoy a summer vacation tourists like Trevor Corson of the book, the secret life of lobsters my grandparents were summer visitors to Maine when I was a little kid and we would go visit them there and as a very small child, I was completely entrenched with the lobster boats when they would come into the dock. So watch them unload their lobster catch and to me, the lobstermen were were like these cowboys of the East you know they were these romantic rugged individualism and I was so angered of of them in their boats that I had decided already. Pretty. Early on when I was a kid I was going to grow up to be a Lobsterman and that didn't plan pan out. At all trevor became a writer instead, which as everyone knows is way less glamorous but he figured out a way to finagle himself into becoming a temporary lobstermen by writing a book about it, and so I actually moved to the small island. You know with seventy people on it year round in the winter and lived there for two years and became what's called a stern man on a lobster boat fishermen used often the term fishermen are stern man in a gender neutral way. There are females who call themselves that as

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