Discipleship: Our Role in God's Plan with Jeff McDaniel


Don't find their own identity until they haven't interaction with the identity of God. They have to have their burning Bush experience. They have to have the road to Damascus experience. It's always unique. and. It always happens before they find who they are and the after find who they are before they find what God called them to do. Make sense in. The wego through life like what should I do? What should I be? No, you're asking the wrong question. The question is, who am I? Who is got in who am I because when you figure those two out, you'll never have a question about what you were called the do. So that's the second thing. You See. David. Start to do this right. There's so much wrapped up David but. There's two different aspect here. David I'm thinking about which let's get with the first aspect that is important for Americans is we think we are the center of the universe. We're the center of the universe. We think we're the center of God's plan. We think we're the center of everything right and and. Pretty. Most people are gonNA, come back and say, no other people do but that's not me. But you can see this in the way we read scripture. The when we read David and Goliath. Even look that I'm David. Bingo. Right. I'm David Who's my Goliath all this stuff. Some of the other characters in that story how David's brothers All right who reads the David and Goliath story and says, you know what? Man I really see David's brother in me. I'm released. All right. and. So we missed that or how about how about like how many times did God come through the Old Testament and like because somebody did something wrong like five thousand people would die. Well, what if what if that's us? Our role in scripture is the nameless Christian who died in the plague. Right. What if what if we're the older brother in the Prodigal Son Story? Exactly. Let's put that in perspective. When I preached the next TIME DOWN AT THE CHURCH BUT God has a much bigger plan and everybody has a role in that plan. Right. So so what Beth and I were talking about the other day is like everybody in everything in the world has a to play right that centers around God's plan not Gods God's plan doesn't sit around us we send around plan. So. One of the things I I plan on using this analogy the next time I preach but. Even in nature God has created everything have its rule and to play a part in support of his plant. So like one of those animals and nature that has a very unique plan in a very unique purpose as the Dung Beetle. So the Dung beetles job is to eat poo it just like it lives to eat crap. So when we when we look at this spiritually, what if we were called to be a spiritual dung? Beetle. Right yeah. Here's here's the deal though the Dung Beetle meant it loves poo. If thinks it's the best thing under the Sun Right. So, it's not like the Dung Beetle is like Oh man I got a horrible job here because it's fulfilling the God given purpose that it was made fortin. Now. Here's the deal. If another animal doesn't know what its mission is doesn't know what it's purposes, but it's like man that thing is so happy and this is maybe I should do what that's doing because that things happy and so now all of a sudden an animal that wasn't made be Dung Beetle tries to live outside of what God made it to be an all. It's GonNa be unhappy and find itself eating dirt. And that's what we do spiritually because we don't know who we are. So when we see someone who does know their identity, we try to mimic them. Okay. That makes sense that makes sense. Right. So you have people in the church all the time who just see the next celebrity pastor and just try to be what that celebrity pastor is Yep Yep. Even. Though that might not be who God called them to be.

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