Use iPhone or Mevo as your webcam with Zoom

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How you can save on your first box. Hayes Jefferson Graham does the weekend edition of Talking Tech This Week I've been spending a lot of time playing with alternative cameras for my zoom. Presentations. The. iphone. The MITO start. Fail so much better than that. Really low resolution built in Webcam that looks up your nose on your computer. A little Tripod attachment to be I level and higher resolution, and you're going to look a lot better. Let me tell you about what I did. Let's start off with the iphone apps that let you use the iphone as your camera. Neural Cam is free and there's a thirty dollar yearly pro feature version which takes off the watermark and lets you do a bunch of lighting things re incubate Cammo is forty dollars and there. Is No free version. Both of them were pretty great. Neural camp probably is going to get the nod for me because there's a free version very simple. How do you operate 'em? You use your lightning to USB cable to plug the phone into the computer. You download a computer APP as well, and then the IPHONE APP and when you're in Zoom and you have a choice of cameras, you choose this camera instead of your Webcam. Now, android fans, there's also an APP called EPO Cam. Very economically priced at five, forty nine. The free version is really awful. It only lets you record at a super low six, forty by four eighty non HD resolution, which is worse than your built in Webcam the other camera I used is they meet start me though has been built for life broadcasting. They have this amazing like ten hour battery. You can take it with you anywhere. It's incredibly versatile and it's also four hundred dollars which you may not feel like spring for but the fun of it is that you can actually zoom into your presentation on the APP itself you. Take your painter and you move around the room. It's a lot of fun to do. The APP currently only works with the most recent mito camera the four hundred dollar start it works on windows and Apple. If the camera is plugged into the computer with a USB cable, a wireless offering which lets you walk around the room with your camera is available for only apple computers currently, but a windows edition is coming soon says me though that's

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