Althea Gibson


Folks and welcome to the tennis podcast and very special edition of the tennis podcast and back by popular demand brackets by David Law ov- tennis relived. We told you. It would be coming back. Of course, it was coming back. Don't worry. We know that actual live tennis is happening this tennis lived and. Second. One prior to the US Open is not in place of talking about live tennis. And related things it is an addition and a very special and necessary edition as well. This one will be focusing on the life, the career, the legacy of Alpha Gibson, and our next one will be focusing on the very same of thrash respectively the first african-american women and men to win Grand Slam titles in NFL Gibson's case the first African. American. Person To, be, admitted, to play. Professional tennis an extraordinary women in extraordinarily. Important figure in tennis history and one that. Hasn't been sufficiently remembered or given her Jews always over the is so. We're hoping to write that in a very tiny tiny way today certainly been. An extraordinary learning experience for us to to get to know these t plays an the significance in tennis history say thank you David for your enthusiasm. For tennis relived. Point Yeah it's very different what we're doing today and what we're doing with the Arthur Ashe podcast as well. When we were doing the Roland Garros relived Wimbledon the Olympics, they were all about events or matches or moments in time specific moments in time when we came up to realizing that the US Open for stop was going to happen and we really don't have two weeks worth of shows to fill much as I'd love to come up with twenty wonderful matches and memories which no doubt we will get to in the. List of Twelve Pete Sampras much is that he submitted for the short lift. US Open relived and fifteen Jimmy Connors matches. Including all seven from all from. Sorry. All five from nine hundred, ninety one. But When we came to to look at this and we started to try to think well, what what should we do I personally suddenly realize the the gaping chasm mind knowledge in my reading of the Games history and I think particularly Alpha Gibson I feel ashamed not to know what I now know and what we want to do with this show. Is Tell, the stories that we've discovered and to properly tell the history as best as we can. I. Think we all knew that line first black woman to play the US Open and win Grand Slam titles but I'd never properly engaged with that line or really understood what that actually. Meant or considered what she actually had to overcome to become that because tennis was this elitist sport at a racially segregated time in America. So it's an extraordinary thing that tennis was used as AVIK BY A. Gibson and now thrash. To advance the black race and I'd never really. Never really thought about that before how how, what, a, what a strength of character and what a special talent it took to be able to achieve as a black person in in that white world and it's just been. Just been happening really to have read and sort of spent time. In their lives over the last few over the last few days and weeks doing this research and and it felt very necessary and timely as well.

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