I and I don't someone says describe


California. I do understand, like a lot of states got problems? Sure, but it is three greatest place I've ever lived. I and and I don't someone says describe California. I don't describe it as a land of heroin needles. And what did you say Sparks that those are the two things that she went with What California is like. Sharon Needles and Parks are equally bad that she would talk about the overpriced stables everywhere. Sure, so many other things she could have gone with. She's wrapping up throwing shade and her volume starts to go into telephone. Why are we the enemy? What did we do? Because we're so soft in California, and they're not soft. So they have to rag on us for everything we did into a land of discarded heroin needles in parks, riots in streets on blackouts in homes. I think last week some people had some people had rolling blackouts that lasted anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes, Right? I mean, or she talked about the power outage for the YouTube parties. Those damn Oh, you think she's talking about the parties up in the hills? The heatwave which we can't All right. Well, it does sound like a horrible look, If you didn't know if you were like packing your bags and come over to California, and you hear the speech, like, hold on. They got heroin Use part of black power. They're honest community know this lady is but I love her.

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