The (Urgent) Call to Slow Down


The urgent call to slow down by. Emma shy above simple slow lovely dot. com. I grew up believing that achievement was a sought after virtue that perfection was to be chased at all costs to slow down and rest was for the week and only acceptable for seven to eight hours of the day. I know that this kind of striving was setting me up to fail this kind of striving didn't leave room for anything but business. At thirty two hours enrolled in a master's degree training, an ultra marathon working fulltime, and learning how to be a mom to my two year old I'll spread too thin and I had no healthy stress relievers at thirty two and many times before as being called urged even by my body and my circumstances to slow down, I wished I'd listened. When Ariana Huffington founder of the Huffington post collapsed on the floor of her office bedroom she blamed burnout and exhaustion her bestseller. The sleep revolution was born out of this experience and a call to rest to slow down. If we consistently ignore the call to slow down, there's a good chance. We will become a statistic if we don't get the rest we need it's likely. We will develop chronic health conditions performed poorly in our work and increase risk of injury and even fatality. Fast and furious are not the only options living life running from one thing to the next doesn't have to be or default a slower more meandering approach is possible but you have to be radical you have to be different and you need to start now. How to answer the call to slow down. Living a more simplified life is a journey and it's not always going to be an easy one. We're constantly pulled in other directions by a culture that is built on speed outcomes and more more more. Slowing down is an iterative process techniques and tricks for living slower that were today might not work for you next. We have to be open to trying new things and taking chances and adjusting course where necessary. Decrease your expectations. One of my biggest roadblocks a slowing down is myself I'm off in my own worst enemy when it comes to keeping things slow and simple slowing down is not just about saying no to others it's also about saying no to myself. No I don't need to make the house perfect every morning before I leave it. No I don't need to serve a three meal when we have visitors. No I. Don't need to Bake for school lunches every week and these nose make way for a few yeses. Yes. I can give myself an extra ten minutes stretch. Yes. I can relax when I have friends over and yes, I can let go of the expectations I. have of myself to provide perfectly for my kids all the time. Increase Self Care. Slowing down looks a lot like self care for me being a highly sensitive person busy schedules increased my anxiety and make me feel overwhelmed very easily. My answer the call to go slower by upping myself care rituals and routines more cups of tea long runs, lighting my favorite candle and honoring my body's need to immerse in nature. Allowing Myself. These small pleasures is my way of putting down busy schedules and putting myself back in the picture self care activities have the ability to rewind the negative effects of a busy stress life. If we are consistent in our approach, ten minutes of yoga stretching every day while have a greater long-term benefit, then a massage and facial once every few months. Opt Out to slow down. You can answer the call to slow down by opting out opt out of potluck dinner with the neighbors opt out that Christmas dress up party you don't WanNa go to but feel enormous pressure to. Opt Out driving your kids to every party or play date, they're invited to you don't have to say, yes to every invite. If you do your schedule will wind up being written by everyone but yourself in the past I've said, yes to things because I feel like I didn't have a choice. The truth is I did have the choice feelings in reality often don't match when it comes to perceptions of what others expect or think of us. They're very few things we do not get to choose. I'm wondering if you are feeling urging call to slow down, is your body mind or soul dropping hints that you need to start paying attention to some of my hints have been a tendency to drink too much wine increasing panic attacks insomnia and a nasty paralyzing anxiety that had me caught an ongoing cycle of seeking perfection and failing.

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