But, you know, I find it perplexing that people just


Man, I tip my cap to all those young athletes who are engaging in this level of protests. For the first time in their young lines. But what really makes me excited is the fact that this is not just N ba And it's not just n F fail because I think to some degree people would expect those to lead because they are predominantly black. And so, as you know, they are. They can't be just black folks out there protesting because what it's just black folks protesting people look hadn't but that they argue and complain. You see Major League baseball? To see the ML ml lens. See the NHL. All join in and this effort that's the level of solidarity that we absolutely have to have, where you have a multiplicity of people coming together, locking arms, and he's simply saying enough is enough. And so no, I think on this day of all days, Jackie Robinson would be extraordinarily proud of all of the Aryan athletes who are Getting involved. Bob

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