Fantasy football 2020: Your draft kit for the upcoming season


Okay. So we've got up to ten draft tips for you. Get. One Draft. At least two software why don't you Sunday? You still. People's draft status draft number one that is so bad. Let's let me get like the trending players that are either moving up or moving down for you right now last week we talked Damien Harrison Bryce love There are any other players right now that you WANNA spotlight don't don't look at ADP it's outdated these guys are higher or lower. Well I'll start with Bryce love because there's report from a guy that I trust it works for the Athletes Ben Stanbic he's played in some fancy leagues with me before he's. A season fantasy player. He says that it's not a lock that Bryce love will be on the active roster every week if they only carry three running backs because they'll go with Peterson, the goal Gibson in the goes jd mckissick over Bryce love, which is a little bit surprised to read that. So he's probably somebody that has to be trending down One guy that I'm very excited about I've said this time and time again but the reporters continue to glowing is Joshua Kelly you know he's the guy that I don't want to say that I plant my flag with him but he's somebody that I'm going to have a Lotta shares off I. Already have a lot of shares of him loud drafts coming up over the next two weeks and anybody that asked me, who's the sleeper guy that you are highly recommending this is the one because I do think he's going to be the backup to US nickel or the second guy to us neck ler and. He may not have the job over Justin. Jackson now he will have the dob over Justin Jackson by the end of the season. This is the guy that I want on all of my fantasy teams. So would you take Josh Kelley ahead of Bryce love I haven't okay. Would you take Josh Kelley head of Chase Edmunds. See. So that's the the interesting part of it. That's where you have to play the draft. So as the hype continues, maybe you have to take Josh Kelley headed Jason's I haven't had to do that yet. So if it comes down to those are the only two running backs available. Then, I'll probably take Josh Kelley over Jason, but you know if chase Edmunds becomes the guy for the Arizona. Backfield, he's probably going to be better than Josh Kelley unless neck alerts.

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