Chicago violence: 1-year-old boy killed, mother injured after shots fired into vehicle, police say


We'll see what happened in Chicago over the weekend. See. Did the cops kill anybody? No. Three kids murdered, though Including a one year old boy in a 10 year old girl. In separate shootings. Guess who killed them? Four Children were among the 65 people shot across Chicago this weekend. 18 of them died. Three Children killed. A weekend gun violence brought Chicago over 300 homicides. So far this year and counting. Last year, the city didn't break 300. Until early August. According to the Sun Times data. A 10 year old girl's fatally shot Saturday when a stray bullet hit her inside a Logan Square home on the northwest side. She was inside the apartment about 9 40. PM When the bullet came through the window and struck her in the head. She was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead hours later. Popo said. The shots may have come from a group of males who began firing it. Another group in the block. Earlier that afternoon, A one year old little boy was killed and his mother wounded in Englewood on the Southside. A woman and her child were driving home from a laundromat. Just after 2 p.m. when a gunman pulled up alongside them in another vehicle and opened fire. The child was struck once in the chest while his mother 22 was grazed on the head. She drove them to ST Bernard Hospital where the child died. Mother was later taken. The University of Chicago Medical Center for treatment in her condition was stabilized. The medical examiner's office identified the little boy a sincere, eh, Gaston. Lived in South Chicago. Earlier that morning, a teenage boy was shot to death in Humboldt Park on the West side and toe. One Douglas 17 was in a large crowd at 11:25 A.m. when he got into an altercation. Someone from the group pulled out a gun. And fired shots.

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