#185 - Trump Says The Troops Are Losers? w/Guest Host James Bane and Stan Mayer! - burst 06

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Just seen like. GET HARD WITH A. Hardened will Farrell they take? They take him to like a place like this. The place I went to was. So over the top that I thought it was like a set right like boy boyd crowder's low church Gimmick situation. He's got. Yeah. Yeah. Because for people just listen James also is a college football player changes gigantic of. Fodder a six five massive and he's he's very white. He's like blonde. He's like you know you got gotta you got like a area and super soldier enroll physical thing going on. But obviously times isn't any of any of that but he's got like I. Know We talked about last time you've just got. You check all of those boxes that those guys are looking for other than the ideology you because like you're from Salona to city you're you're super white beggars held football player fucking Merano Dude they those dudes one, hundred percent. Expect you to. Bay on their. Usually you break a lot of hearts when they started talking to you. have one this is not a by. Surprise draft pick to the the left side the other side Yeah Yeah for sure man for sure Corey, how are you feeling today? Not

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