Earthquake strikes New Jersey, shaking reported across state


A rare occurrence in New Jersey early Wednesday morning an earthquake the magnitude three point one earthquake struck in east revealed on social media people said they felt it as far out of status Philadelphia New York Long Island and Westchester which U. S. Geological Survey geophysicist Robert Sanders says is likely designed curriculum with anywhere in that sixty to a hundred mile range is most likely valid for this event having been stopped the quake hit at two AM and he expects little damages be very surprising for us to see anything more than you know damage shelves or or you know picture frames falling off of windows any sort of structural damage or significant bodily injury uses is not likely not very common for a for a magnitude three point one Sanders says expects smaller after shocks the last time this part of New Jersey had a magnitude three or higher earthquake was in nineteen ninety two he says before that it was seventy nine I'm Julie Walker

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