Restaurant Employees Fight for Reinstated Benefits, Some Say It's Too Dangerous to Return


It's it's still still too too dangerous dangerous to to go go back back to to their their jobs. jobs. While While many many restaurant restaurant workers workers air air back, back, others others have have refused, refused, so so I I think think it's it's a a personal personal decision decision for for everybody. everybody. Individual Individual restaurant workers. United has spent the summer protest ng unemployed workers are demanding $600 in extended benefits be reinstated. They held a mock funeral outside Senator Ted Cruz is Dallas office, saying restaurant workers risked death a forced to return to an unsafe workplace. And And just just last last week, week, activists activists held held a a mock mock eviction eviction demonstration demonstration outside outside Senator Senator John John Cornyn's Cornyn's Dallas Dallas office. office. I've I've been been furloughed furloughed and and I I chose chose not not to go back because they're doing dining service. Andi my opinion dining services, not safer workers. They point to some victories. Texas is among a few states to give $300 in extra unemployment benefits. And now there's a federal moratorium temporarily stopping evictions through the end of the year. The eviction moratorium by executive order with Trump is obviously a huge win. Uh, but it's still so loud enough. So we're so fighting for extended unemployment. Do you feel safe returning to work now? You know, I have tio Think about that. You know, I live with my partner. He is immuno compromise, So it's definitely going to be more of a decision. We have to make together no additional relief in sight. Ivy van says her group is planning another day of action this month. To really put the pressure on Congress to say we're here, and we need help. That's Maria Guerrero reporting

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