Getting Our Kids Active with Athlete/Trainer/Entrepreneur Larissa Maloney. Ep 162


Laura is enjoying some vacation time with her family, which is much deserved. So I am flying solo for this episode however, not really flying solo because I have a fantastic guest, it's going to be joining us in just a few minutes. I figured however that I would not spare you the usual pre episode banter. But rather just give you some thoughts of my own on the current topic. Now, the guests that's going to be joining us is an expert on getting kids active. So I guess maybe I just wanted to take some time to. A little bit about how hard that's been for us in the last few weeks. Pre, covid our kids were involved in a ton of activities and I've spoken on here before about how I think it was maybe a little bit too much. However, I was really happy about the sports and active activities they were involved in. Both were playing basketball at one point they were doing tennis cameron was doing some Yoga. Animal dance when she was much younger although she a abandoned it at. Early, age they were both doing Ninja classes at the gymnastics gym, and sadly that Jim has actually shut down completely with the pandemic, they do have another location which is still open, but it's very sad that the one that they went to is never going to return again. So I. Guess it's just been hard. I mean first of all I'm in Florida so. The summer is kind of like everyone else's winter meaning. We don't really WANNA go outside I mean we make ourselves go outside and thankfully we do live in a house that has a pool while we rent the pool did come with the house and initially we thought it was just going to be a pain the butt but with the pandemic, it's been definitely a nice. Thing to have however given the genevieve is still too young to swim on her own. I'm not always in the mood to want to jump in there with all three of them because then we're all wet and then we all have to showers and it's just it's just a whole thing. So it's not like I am excited to use that option every single day either. Sometimes. The big kids have been using the pool while genevieve takes a nap because they can swim while me or nanny if I'm working to sits on the side of the pool and hangs out, that's a lot more pleasant. But again since it's so hot, it's not like anyone wants to do that for hours either. So I guess what I'm saying is it used to fall in schedule fairly naturally to keep the kids active and now it's like we have to force ourselves to do it. We always enjoy it when we do stuff outside even for just thirty minutes or so whether it's taking a walk or going around in scooters or playing basketball outside with Cameron, but it is something we have to kind of. Force ourselves to do for better for worse and I know we still don't get in the cumulative amount of activity for the kids. That, we use to pre pandemic. Adults I'm disciplined enough that I'll do my work whether I'm stuck in the house are can go to classes for for kids just not as fun if they're you know doing it by themselves, it must be even more difficult for only children if they're being kept separate from others because man. How much fun is it's runaround on own. So I'm hoping our guest today has lots of exciting ideas to help our kids want to get active. To maybe make them feel like they can create some fitness goals of their own just for fun or just ways of making it fun and not such a slog. I will say that when it gets cooler here I think it will be naturally more fun. So I cannot wait for the month of November or December but I know that's not a universal thing. So anyway, without further chatter from me myself and I, I will introduce our guest. On right we are recording and I have the Orissa Maloney with me today. I'm so excited to welcome to the PODCAST. Hopefully she's going to help me with all the problems I just mentioned in my. Aggravation with the summer and getting my kids outside. So welcome, would you like to introduce yourself wrestle? Yes. Absolutely. I'm Louis Maloney, the owner of active kids. Two Point Oh thank you Sarah for having me. I'm excited shot with the guys. Yeah. So excited to have you on the podcast will first, let's give our listeners a little bit of background I want to hear a little bit about the ages of your kids and your family if you're willing to share and then also how you got started with your company's journey. Absolutely. So yes, I am a mommy and I have two kids, right? That's the number one job Ha the full-time, fulltime, fulltime job I have a boy and a girl. The girl is Ramos Oakley and she is four and I have an older son his name is spin and he has six. Oh, that's a funny Combo. GotTa say. It's fun and it's like. Crazy it's crazy. It's nonstop but you wouldn't want it any other way. Oh my gosh will you have the perfect age kids I think to offer the advice gonNA offer. So tell us the story of how you got your company started with that in line with with when you had babies or how did it get headed up the ground? Okay. So I have a really big background in athletics and I grew up playing sports. I grew up playing basketball volleyball and I ran track in high school. So I come from an athletic family by rather with college play basketball. My Dad did bass contract my mom. She did like field hockey. So I was Kinda destined to. Be a sport. You Know Sporty whatever you WANNA, call it sell I ended up going to college on volleyball. Scholarship down in South Florida College Halls Lynn University in Boca Raton Grade School. I spent four years they are. Very diverse. Will all in all I had a very good time after I graduated from there. I want special beach volleyball for five years. So I got to travel around the world doing something that I love that was playing volleyball and playing it outside on the beach. Super Super Fun after that I my husband and I moved back to where I grew up in. That is Daytona Beach Florida and That's when we started a family. So yet six years ago. My little one is, yes six just started first grade today actually. So you can imagine it's been crazy today in my household bunch everyone is happy healthy and

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