How To Promote Your Alexa Skill With Quick Links


A quick link for your Alexa Skill. Now much has been made of this topic recently among Alexa skilled developers. Everyone's very very very excited about it, and the reason they're excited about it is because Alexa. Skills historically have not been that easy to discover or to launch you and Bradley and Mike and Taran and Daniel. All mentioned quick links I. Think you're the perfect person asked question to what our quick links and have you used or implemented them yet. And if you haven't no no judgment here because they just came out like two weeks ago, I haven't used quick links yet but I am prepping to do. So at the next approval, we're launching something in the next week I'm watching this film the next week once that's approved in live, we do plan on using it on in our marketing. Basically, the quick link is Amazon's created this ability for you to share link that will allow someone to automatically go ahead in able that skill and either jumped straight to a task or go ahead and have your Alexa able device to just go straight to that skill. I believe it came from an announcement at Alexa live a couple of weeks ago and people just really really excited about these quick links. you know it's a way to get to Kinda help discover ability and share ability And so so anything you can share with us on the quick links each year we've got some developers that are listening right now who who have been talking about it earlier today. Yeah. You could share be off. So give the quick rundown on quick links. The base idea is that it's It's something a link basically that you can embed into your website that will allow user to. Start Your skill on one other devices. You can also do it like a notification. So maybe the user clicks out there like I want to do this later or maybe they're not home right they can do as the notification and when they get home, they're going to have that yellow ring glowing on their device and they can say what are my notifications and it's going to be like Oh you have a quick link do you want open it and if you say, yes, then boom it kicks you right into the skill the same way. So it's a way to kind of like open a skill later and so Amazon has. Released the quick links feature to make it easier for developers and businesses essentially market and bring awareness to their Alexa skill. Now, this is what a quick link looks like This is a quick link I created for a skill that I built called Carmen Johnston Gardens. Alexa Launch Carmen Johnston Gardens is one way of enabling skill. Now, this quick link up here I created and it Allows me to essentially use this link I can embed it in an email signature in email blast the social media posts wherever I want, and then when the user is logged into their Amazon Alexa Account, they will see the screen either on their mobile device or on their desktop device. When they click this link, the other cool thing about it is you can send a notification to your Alexa device and I'm GonNa try this right. Now I'm going to click send the notification and then I'm going to go ahead and actually show you what this looks like on my screen On. My Alexa enabled. You can see here. I got a notification on both of my devices. seats. As earlier you wanted to try the skill, Carmen, Johnston Gardens, and then you see this yellow ribbon over here on my device. On the one without a screen, the old echo dot there. That's pretty cool and then you can see chickeny any of your Alexa devices for notification. When you see a yellow ring to say Alexa, what's my notification near your device? WanNa try it now to say Alexa launch are open Carmen Johnston Gardens to show you how to make the quick link. Super Easy. All you do is basically take this. Lake grade here. This is the quick links syntax. And you copy the syntax. And then you replace. Can pasted into a browser window. And then you go into your Alexa developer console over here. And In Your Alexa developer console, you can get the skill ID. So. If I wanted to do one for wealthy nutrition I can copy the skill I D-. I can replace it. And I can copy this. Url. Pasted over into a new browser window. Again, as a marketer, I can put the Senate social media posts that can put this. In an email marketing blast however, I wanNA promote my skill. and. It'll populate the same thing for the wealthy nutrition skill in this case. And you'll see that. You can try it now by putting it on the third ECHO DOT in my case or on the echo show. Let me just go ahead. I I did send a notification earlier. Let me just go ahead and. Do It on the show right now. Ready to try the steal graph nutrition. Yes. Here's the skill wealthy nutrition launched on the web or mobile divides. Wealthy nutrition. Are you currently taking any wealthy products if you are say current products if not seen learn more. Learn more. Would you like us to tell you more about wealthy or take a quiz to find out the best products for you? Alexa. What am I noticed? One new notification from Alexis skills earlier you said, you wanted to try the skill Carmen Johnston Gardens. Ready to try now. Yes. Hi, I'm Carmen I'd love to help garden and entertain get started by saying home and garden holidays. Recipes, or follower favorites. So, that works like a charm and you can see how that makes things a lot easier for skill developers in businesses in marketers to bring awareness to their Alexa skill drive more adoption. This is a game changer. I hope this really helps you guys Prima Voice Design

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