Nuggets' Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray lead improved energetic effort to beat Clippers in Game 2

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Yesterday the nuggets lead. wire-to-wire top the clippers tie the series at one game apiece a little surprising sure I mean they got off to a huge lead and held onto the victory lead biggest takeaway from the nuggets game two victory over lic. So many positives take of this from Denver they jump. The clippers gave him the off punch in the mouth from the start, which is to say it was led by their styles, Jamal and nickel Yokich. They got lots of contributions from other guys as well. MILLSAP I thought was good in this game. Gary. Harris Marco Porter Jr. coming off the bench gays in the middle of a lift as well and even rant. Jeremy Grant was their defense I thought was exceptional. There was a several times where the clippers were in the pint and there was two or three Denver Nuggets, contesting shot blocking shots, and really making the clippers feel them in the paint, which is important. But the biggest takeaway for me is we knew the clippers we're GONNA come back. This is a twenty point late in the first half and it. was like in the NBA that never lost especially in the playoffs. The biggest question for me would the nuggets be able to hold onto this game and win it, and there was a crucial moment that minutes ago in the fourth quarter I think it was Po Georgia to three brought to a five point game and that was the sliding doors moment of the game. What would the nuggets through from? And began to our and just show that that first quarter net hop surge was nothing more than like. All right. We don't get swept all would they actually be able to maintain what they've played up to for that point and they did they came out and hit three threes after that and basically stretch the game out and Kinda sealed it from there. You know like it was sort of sent the message that the clippers like we're. Not going away and and again, it wasn't just Murray and Yokich was other guy is contributing and so to me it did sort of say, Oh, I, picked I, think the clippers to win this five. But after watching that performance in the way that they won that wire to wire, I'm a little more now convinced that the the the nuggets can make this series and an an a longer series I still think clip is ultimately win it. But if it goes six or seven, now, I wouldn't be surprised because I just thought that the Denver Nuggets after Guy Wander the first quarter they thought it off well, and then they just Kinda sunk from there and Michael Malone said we need to have better energy for the entire game and they absolutely did last night. So very impressive performance from everyone yokich again was great and so is Mary but really important that those other. Guys contribute and make this more than just a sort of a like a like a run in that first quarter just to get just to get system, they actually sustain that the entire game. So that's what I thought was most important for the nuggets at the something there that they can build on going forward in this

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