Take Time To Understand Your Moment #1011



Time I was having a great chat with my new buddy one barrack all the other day. Wow. No hypocrite. The pronunciation Kinda right and he came out with a statement that I thought was really profound. What he said was that sometimes you've just got to understand your moment. And I think for a lot of people right now that's probably really good advice because I think a lot of people right now maybe stock maybe you're an job and a career that you don't necessarily love. But Hey, right now it's a job it's food on the table. You don't WanNa walk away from that right now. So understand the moment you're in right now that's what it demands. It demands you to suck it up and do the best you can maybe it's a family situation. Maybe you planning to move out this year and make make start you'll live on your own. But with all this uncertainty, it's too risky and instead you're stuck at home with the parents and hate it or maybe you're the parents and you hate it. Either way whatever your circumstance right now, if you feel like you're a little bit stock and you don't really WanNa be where you're at but you feel like you have to. That's okay. Understand your moment understand that's where you're at right now make the most of it. Putting new Jews do the hard work and do whatever it takes to get you through that moment. But understand it's just your moment understanding moment I think is a pretty powerful position that can actually be quite liberating. So hats off to wind for that that insight which Arthur was actually pretty clever. Thanks Mike. Already that is it for today I. do think if you

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