Teachers Excited, Anxious About New School Year as Remote Learning Resumes in Chicago


Chicago is 400,000 public school students went back to school today. Remotely that had some teachers and others voicing concerns about technology as we hear from W BB EMS Nancy Hardy Westinghouse High School chemistry teacher Naina Hike says teaching from home will allow her students to connect to the science in a whole new way. But she's worried about her Internet connection going out, you know, spends a lot of time so teaching, you know all of the technologies to use to engage students, but I'm just concerned about you know the Internet. In a zoom call with reporters set up by the Chicago Teachers union, Paula Baraka says she doesn't know how many of her special ed students Don't have computers or Internet connections because she didn't have time to check in with them. That time wasn't built into our schedules, so a lot of it is on today. Nancy Hardy, He's radio 105.9 FM.

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