JAN 345: Remembering Chadwick Boseman WTF Happened? Retrospective (09/06/20) - burst 26


At home streaming, there's a ton of Shit. NETFLIX's I. Checked Out Docu series from net flicks high score by the Evolution Games. Very good. Very good. always six episodes really well done. I didn't know that like It's very good. Like space that I, it was it space invaders that actually invented the concept of high score like there was no scores on games until space invader. That was crazy. You learn a lot of cool stuff Cobra Kai seasons one and two on. Netflix. Suddenly this show that's been out for a few years everybody is consuming this I caught up season two it's great. It's so good anthony you like karate kid you gotTa Watch I know I I'm GONNA chat with a couple of guys that go to g fest and they talk about a lot Of money is it's it is the same thing as like how it was on youtube premium for awhile. came out. Now that Netflix has it everybody's fucking watching it. It's like how earlier this year The Tar the last. Tune wound up on Netflix and suddenly there is a huge fucking resurgence of people watching that now that it was out, it's allison grandy. Now's a great series gotTa Watch that Cobra Kai. Was Trending in the top ten number one but the problem is you're going to hint at this is there's a lot coming out. Yes. Also Netflix's released the Charlie Kaufman Mind Fuck movie. I'm thinking of ending things is on eighty, eight, five percent on run tomatoes. I'm really excited to see this weird fucking movie. I. Love the Charlie Kaufman Dow how are you a fan of Kaufman? Oh, absolutely that what do you think thought adaptation was an amazing fucking movie yeah. It's gone. This new movie looks wild that okay. We'll be shaking the entire time the trailer.

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