Philadelphia Museum Back Open


W Charlotte Reese. Reports you Canal Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. As long as you follow the new rules of the road, people we spoke to didn't mind a facemask temperature check or social distancing as long as it meant a new activity. Julie Snyder King with her mom and sister, So I live in Philly, but I've never actually been to the art museum. And then they're visiting for the holiday weekend. And since this little first weekends free open, we thought We finally get it in Regan, Carson Sin and Alex Park are visiting from out of town. We're in Philadelphia from Minneapolis. Hey, celebrating his 40th birthday. Yes. So we just we needed to get away in covert times. That's a little bit difficult. But, thankfully, Philadelphia's one of the places that Minnesotans were allowed to travel to Park says they could do without the typical beach trip. But we'd like the cities everywhere. We've traveled being cities. I'm from London. So I love that walking around the parks. You know, the coach of the couple says they explored City Hall and old City and are looking forward to some breweries back at the art museum. You have to use the Kelly drive entrance when visiting on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Charlotte Reese. Why W NewsRadio Firefighters out

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