GM acquires stake in electric truck maker Nikola, will help make the company’s first vehicle


Big tech was falling today. There were some big jumps in two automakers not named Tesla shares of General Motors and Nicholas Surging? After the two into two billion dollar partnership for the details it's got to fill about Chicago Phil Melissa Nice Move Higher Not only for General Motors. But also for Nikola, which is back over fifty dollars a share and this agreement between the two companies really is a win win situation. Why do we say? That this is a case where both companies are going to benefit general motors getting size and scale Nikola no longer has to think about Sh- shelling of billions of dollars to start up manufacturing. Here's what each of them get GM expects at least four billion dollars in benefits in will have another customer that it will be supplying its battery technology to its fuel cells to that is important as they looked for size and scale Nikola gains the access to GM's. And as much as some people want to knock. General. Motors they have vast experience and knowledge when it comes to electric vehicles. Nikola. Also will save about four billion dollars in development costs and the Nikola Badger. Electric all electric pickup truck that comes out and twenty twenty two that will be built by General Motors I. Know Some people are saying well, is it GonNa look just like? The GM pickup trucks that are going to be electric? No the top of it will be different. The interior will be different the software that goes inside of it in terms of the infotainment system that'll be different. Yeah. The guts will be the same the batteries, the motor that that's all going to be the same, but it's the top that's going to differentiate the badger pickup truck from. The GM electric pickup trucks is you take a look at these two stocks. One more time. Remember that General Motors also is getting a board seat with Nicholas. So look at the end of the day Melissa you're going to see more of these types of deals within the auto industry. It's unrealistic to think that all of these startups as well as every single automaker is going to come. Up with their own battery platform, their own tech platform, you're GONNA start to see them coalesce around large platforms like this. You Got Ford and Volkswagen together you might see some startups going with them. You've got Tesla and it's GonNa, continue to sell its technology, and then you've got whatever Toyota decides to do. That's

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