As Tech Earnings Roll In, Air Is Coming Out of the Stock Bubble


You? There's one day next week. We get Apple Amazon alphabet. What a CRA-! That's going to be a crazy night on fast Baldwin. Some might argue that the setup for big tech earnings is even better after the big back that we saw this week in advance of those earnings. Yeah so sickening to the rules of the Game I. Think I'm GonNa go for the Gusto here and go for the daily double. And my question or answer or closer is? What our stimulus and GDP figures I think the GDP figures are going to China a little bit more insight into what exactly economic activity is, and what the breakdown there of is as well I think the the details. The devil will be in the details as it pertains to the stimulus bill, I think vk meals, grotto of all hit on it. Really GonNa need to see. How much of the unemployment, benefit is going to be continued. What small businesses exactly are going to qualify for? What other restrictions might be put on large companies and the way that I'm playing it giving that as Again very adeptly pointed out the Fed is going to continue to print money left, right or centre. I think that bodes well for precious metals again you know I hate to hop on the bandwagon, but it's it's clearly the right trained to be on and the home. Builders are also set up nicely I. Mean You saw earnings yesterday? You've got them. They're in a unique situation with. Specifically to homebuilders, because they serve a a slightly higher niche market, those consumers are a bit more insulated from shocks and with the low rate environment, and giving that we've all been talking about stretch valuations across asset classes. It's really a case of where else do you put your money?

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