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Nothing about it. Was the fact that Clayton Kershaw was scratched as the starting pitcher for last night's opening night at dodger stadium. And apparently. There was an incident. Dave Roberts talked about here on how Kershaw actually got injured, it was his a workout on Tuesday, his back, stiffened up and got treatment on that night felt better. yesterday came in a little bit better and then this morning. Just with the training staff just to make sure we err on the side of caution didn't feel that it was prudent to start him. We let dust in May. Know yesterday that this was a possibility and so this is the way it's played out. and. Here's Dave Roberts on the timeline for Kershaw to get back. I don't know the timeline I mean obviously only time will tell, and we all know Clayton I'm and the training staff. We're GONNA do everything they can to get him back as soon as possible so we really don't know the timeline. So don't know the time line. There are reports today that they may be targeting next weekend. for Clayton Kershaw to return from the injured list anything but certain, but that's that's a goal or a target that they have as an organization well. She's about that yeah.

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