Faking IAB-compliant downloads



Can Be compliant download numbers. The faked Antony Guo thinks. So indeed he's built contraption for about two hundred and ten dollars. Theoretically. Fake thirty thousand downloads a month. If you're really determined and quite technical, he's documented how he did it and how podcast hosts can detect. We've linked to its today from show notes and Dr Newsletter. It's a national podcast day September thirtieth, but it's already September thirtieth in some parts of the world. So bunch of live presentations happening right now, you can watch for free at international PODCAST Day Dot Com Hindenburg is planning a set of free workshops and a forty percent discount for Hindenburg products that's on now and tomorrow the match talk podcast network and founder Jason Bryant will be hosting a fourteen hour. Wa. livestream interviewing and showcasing wrestling podcasters from around the US. College High School in Olympic style of wrestling the drama that is sports entertainment were told a livestream starts at nine. AM central time. Love the podcast you're listening to Daniel J Lewis has added a new feature to my podcast reviews cold, love the podcast and it'll help your listeners give reviews for your podcast linking to the right platform for their device. If you'd like to see an example, thank go to love the podcasts dot com slash news because you. Apple spending money on podcast advertising McClellan I has published list of US podcast advertisers who increase spend the most in August. Apple spent three hundred eleven thousand dollars on advertising according to the company all for that Apple News plus products. The twenty two thousand discover pods awards are open nominations the fourth annual awards fan nominated fan voted without a paywall. We've only got two weeks to nominate your favorites though Pushkin Industries has a nice new website that like you to know another podcast APP in India Kuku FM has a number of podcasts as well as live radio and music and congratulations to the podcast global summit who set a Guinness World Record in August for the largest attendance for virtual podcasting conference. In one week, we're told Guinness, wanted at least five thousand attendees to set the record and they achieved five, thousand and three. Well. And pocano Kaczynski's it's fine to hit from millionaires financial whiz kids about what to do with money. But better the hear from real experience small change money stories from the neighborhood highlights smarts practical and collaborative money skills develops by people living with lower an unstable incomes new from NPR news in Minnesota. Horror Narration podcast creepy is launching their thirty one days of horror series beginning on October. The first series will new chilling tale each day of the month culminating in a special episode on Halloween against more than a million downloads a month we're told,

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