Cuomo: New York isn't 'Liable' for COVID-19 Costs


The White House and Democrats meet again today for negotiations on another stimulus package. New York's governor is putting his tab on the president's table. Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's not accepting any liability for the economic losses from Cove in 19, blaming the Trump Administration for the federal government's failed response to it. We have tremendous losses because of covert. We're not liable for them. I'm not accepting liability. I'm not accepting the premise. That New York State or New York City should pay. We didn't do anything wrong. The federal government should pay The federal government was wrong. It's the federal government that allowed us to be ambushed by Cove it It's the federal government that missed that. The virus one from China to Europe, and they missed it for three months, and it's the federal government that missed People getting on planes in Europe and coming into New York. It was the federal government that those the border control at the airports was Department of Homeland Security that was supposed to be protecting the border. You know how they wanted to build the wall in Mexico? Protect the country. Protect the country. Protect the country. Yeah, meantime Cove It is walking in the door. JFK and Newark International Airport. While you're spending billions keeping us safe from Mexicans, we were invaded by Europeans with covert and you were totally asleep at the switch. And we had no notice. The other states at least had several months notice. We had no notice, so the federal government is liable. They're going to pay that Bill. Not a White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows said. The biggest stumbling block in aid negotiations right now state local relief, he says, We're not going to quote bailout cities that have been poorly run for a long time.

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