Uber spared from London ban despite 'historical failings'


Uber can continue to operate in London for now last year regulators there decided not to renew the ride hailing giants licensed to operate but yesterday the company won its court appeal of that decision our reporter Sam Schechner has more. Regulator said that they had found instances in which unauthorized drivers swap their phones with others, allowing them to pick up writers themselves, which is obviously a a safety issue. Uber's been operating this whole time in London but under the threat that they could be shut down if their appeals don't win and so they court found that has implemented new safety protocols and while not perfect, it is fit to hold a license in the UK. For Uber London is one of the company's biggest global markets and the news comes as Uber is working to build trust with regulators there and around the world under former CEO, Travis Kalmyk. The company often pushed the regulatory and legal envelope to try and speed up growth and in doing. So they often clashed with lawmakers Kalmyk departed as CEO in two thousand seventeen and left the board the last year. And you may remember that Amazon had to postpone its annual Prime Day sales event earlier this summer at that point, the company was struggling to keep up with the crush of orders as the pandemic set in. Now, we've got a new date for prime day and actually it'll be two days October thirteenth and fourteenth while the event normally helps pull in sales during the lull of summer shopping this year, it could help the company break its fourth-quarter earnings record retail analysts are expecting a big showing because of the combination of Prime Day holiday shopping and the general consumer shift to ECOMMERCE.

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