Review: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

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The Galaxy Z. or Fold to. The Galaxy said full to phone. So you may remember I had last week I had the Microsoft duo which was a dual screen phone. That on Hanjin, the middle unfolded. And, I thought this just the software didn't really use it very well. I loved the idea was beautiful harbour, very thin and light and. And everything but it just it was Kinda Janke I could make it fulltime phone. So I sent it back and I took the money. And then some and apply because this is a two thousand dollar phone this galaxy fold, which means you don't have to worry about it 'cause that's ridiculous. Ridiculous. Four Times more than you need to spend for phone. If you need a new phone, you want Andrew get get the Pixel for a or you know that'd be fine. The Google phone but I'm you know me I'm interested in technology and and what we're technologies going. So I thought well, I should try this. I can always return it. If you know what I don't think I'm returning it's pretty cool. So it is thicker and heavier than a regular phone because it you know it's got it folds. It's like a sandwich, a sandwich with nothing in between. But on the other hand, the F- The unlike the Microsoft phone Microsoft not a they don't want you to think of as one. It has screen when it's folded. So you can see notifications, you can actually use it. It's a little it's thinner than a regular phone would be. So it's kind of you know it's not a it's kind of an odd ball screens, really thin and tall compared to any phone that you might use but still. Totally usable can and you don't look like a silly person making a call. It's just it's Kinda. It's Kinda thin. Kind of kind of kind of a weird aspect ratio, but then it has a fingerprint reader face reader, which is good for these days of masks. But then. Let's say you you. You launch a program or something on the front face when you open up the phone, it goes to the open when it's so big. So big nice and spacious. Now. It's like a little tablet and yeah, it was a little concerned about the folding screening indefinitely see that where the fold is doesn't doesn't disappear completely. But it kind of disappears from your awareness. And I have to say. It seems very well made. I wasn't going to get this because I thought. Oh. This Janki. is going to be silly this can be really Janke. You know it's really fun taking a picture with this big screen is huge. Like a bigger with an IPAD which I've always mocked people for. Taking a picture with an IPAD. So this isn't quite so big boy. It's kind of Nice, because you can really see what's going on. You know the pictures it's really like it's like holding. Like holding a big print in your hand. So you can see what it's GonNa look like when it's printed. And of course, Samsung always made the best screens. These are really gorgeous screens and it has a lot of features that duo left out. It's the fastest. Processor out there for for for android the QUALCOMM snapdragon it's It's got wireless charging. It's not waterproof for does proof as definitely not break proof which should make you nervous because if you drop this two thousand, it's like holding a Faberge egg in your hand. If you drop it, you bought it. You know you know. I I went out and took pictures of the other day and I thought. I better, not drop this. This if this falls out of my hand, that's That's a lot of money. So I I I have to say I'm not going to recommend anybody by this crazy expensive two thousand dollars for a phone. But. And, it's not a much better phone than the four hundred or five hundred dollar phone. It's just that. I was curious about folding screens and now I have to report. I'm pleasantly surprised. Unpleasantly surprised it actually It actually is pretty surprisingly functional and it doesn't feel I thought that folding screens gotTA. Be Weird rights feel plastic ear something. Once you open it up you kind of forget it that it you know that it's a plastic or anything it's just a big screen. It's Kinda Nice to have such a big screen in your pocket. So I'm I'm I'm actually very pleased I might even keep it. I know I know I know. A lot of money and then Someday. Did iphone. Event Invitations. Go Out. No, no nobody. Got Him. Okay I. Often don't get him so I don't know. I can't tell but I don't think they went out which means. Well, it's not going to be this week for the IPHONE twelve events like probably probably not gonna be could be next week. Everybody kind of agrees is going to be in October. So it could be maybe October. What is that six? Week from Tuesday yeah. Or October thirteen week from Tuesday they'll nuts new iphones. What do you think they'll be two thousand no but I bet you be able to get him up there. Close. Yet You know you get the. iphone twelve pro Max. With All the available storage they're offering whatever that is five twelve or to fifty six. I think I think you might get it up to fifteen hundred bucks crazy. But people and these things these phones are not. You know their fragile. Which means you got to buy insurance. So add that to the cost of the really not meant to be used for more than a couple years. So. So I'm thinking. maybe we should just you know think of our phone is a phone stick with that. I'll do the. Do the crazy. Spend for weird stuff just to let you know. I don't think this folding phones going to be cheap ever because I think it's an expensive part I. think that's really the problem.

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