The Trump-Biden Clash: The Worst Debate in Modern American History?


Election debate has seen Donald Trump clash with Joe Biden over Corona virus, the U. S economic recovery, race, crime and climate Change. Millions of Americans watching on primetime television, so a policy discussions repeatedly to generate John Staple was watching. This will surely go down as the most bad tempered noisiest, most fractures presidential TV debate in American history, although not that unexpected as his campaign team had planned, Donald Trump was on the attack from the off, interrupting Joe Biden repeatedly and squabbling with the moderator. This deliberate aggression was designed to destabilize the Democratic candidate who's ahead in the polls. The president was looking to land a knockout blow, but it mainly resulted in the two men talking over each other in a way that surely few Americans will have found edifying. The most striking moment was when Donald Trump was asked to condemn the behavior of white supremacists and militias. Recent protests, but he refused to do so. The broad theme of this was that Donald Trump came looking for a brawl while Joe Biden wanted to walk by on the other side of the street. Fighting appears to

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