From NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst, Amy County Barrett, President


I'm Janine Herbst, Amy County Barrett, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, is ideologically very different from the woman she would replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. NPR's Nina Totenberg reports Baroness long been championed by social conservatives opposed to abortion, gay marriage and to the affordable Care act, also known as Obama care. Barrett, who has served on the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals for three years, has a clear conservative record that's generally hostile to abortion rights and to Obamacare. At her confirmation hearing three years ago, Barrett said that as an appeals court judge, she would be bound to follow the Supreme Court's decisions. But if confirmed, she would not be bound and Roe vs Wade might well be overruled. Garrett has also been critical of Chief Justice Roberts opinion upholding Obamacare. If confirmed to the court, the 48 year old would become the youngest justice on the Supreme Court and would likely serve for decades to come. Nina Totenberg. NPR NEWS Washington New Corona virus infections are on the rise and more than half the country pushing cases past seven million this week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. NPR's Jason's lock in reports, a handful of states are seeing record surges. Some two dozen U. S. States and territories are seeing continue climbs and daily infections. And this past week, a handful of those states reported daily records for new infections among them. Utah, where the Health Department announced on Friday, a daily infection total of more than 1400 cases. Montana and South Dakota also recently reported new records in Wisconsin Friday. The states of new infections top 2500 for the second time in seven days. A new study suggests that only about 9% of US adults have been exposed to the virus far below what experts say is needed for herd immunity. Jason Slotkin NPR news

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