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President Trump believes expanded mail in voting is a bigger threat to the election than any foreign countries interference. Democrats see it differently, focusing on Russia trying to meddle again like in 2016 Curing America director Christopher Ray says Russia is trying to denigrate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. And that nefarious actors or using social media and publications, But he warned the agency is not the truth. Police. We don't have people sitting on social media trying to find things that look false. Then wondering who did it. We go the other way. We look at the actor and then see what they're trying to spread the social media companies, though they can come at it in whatever way they want. Intelligence officials said last month. China would prefer if Biden is elected. In Iran is trying to undermine US Democratic institutions President Trump in to divide the country. Rachel Sutherland, Foxes and the FBI director talked about how social media can deal with content. How they want. Twitter is flagging. The president again. Twitter adds a label to a president Trump tweets from making a potentially misleading statement regarding the process of mail in voting, the president posting because of the new and unprecedented massive amount of unsolicited balance, which will be sent to voters or wherever this year. The November 3rd election results may never be accurately determined. Blue text under the post links to articles Detailing how mail in voting is safe and secure. Kristen Goodwin, Fox News on Wall Street stock futures or makes your mark. It's overseas that after selling the Dow dropped 130 points, the NASDAQ lost 140. Week. Two of the NFL season kicked off last night. Cleveland beat Cincinnati 35 30 in the MBA playoffs. Miami Boston ago, two games to none. On the Eastern Conference finals on the ice, Tampa Bay beat the New York Islanders and over time the Lightning will now play the Dallas Stars for the NHL Stanley Cup. I'm Dave Anthony.

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