Why forest fires in Siberia, Russia threaten us all


In Siberia have been releasing record amounts of greenhouse gases, scientists say contributing to global warming. The fires, fueled by abnormally high temperatures have been burning as far north as the Arctic Circle. Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg has travelled to the remote Yakutia region in north eastern Russia to gauge the effects of climate change, both on local communities on on the planet. I've got a helicopter flying across northern Siberia. Not far from the Arctic Circle. Look down below, I could see forest stretching forever. But rising from the trees. Our rooms of thick smoke. Because record high temperatures here. Fueling Suresh spies. And that has implications but only for people who live in Siberia for the global climate. Thiss part of Russia is called. It is a huge region. Five times the size of France. Because of all its forests, people here cool. You could hear the lungs of the planet. Well, Judging by all the smoke, I can see our planet has a big problem. Like on the ground. We switch to an off road Russian bag that feels as tough as a tank. Plough through the thick undergrowth. Suddenly out of the window, I see a charred wasteland. Fire has reduced large and silver birch tow ash. We continue on foot with a group of forest Rangers. The range of Valentin tells me is getting hotter and hotter here every year, he spends nearly all his summers now fighting Forest vice When he's not firefighting. He's out hunting in Yakutia before a hunt, Valentin says. Traditionally, we light a campfire. We put pancakes and fermented horse milk by the flames as sacrifices to the spirit of the tiger to make the hunt go well. So a small fire is a source of good. It's the big ones that are bad for you was all right. That was Well, now we've reached a fire. It is incredibly hot here. Flames are licking the undergrowth and Dancing up the tree trunks. Sending Rooms of thick smoke into the air. This is going on across Siberia, a region which is now trapped in a vicious cycle of climate change, because rising temperatures Mean dr Forests and more forests fires like this one and more fires means more carbon emissions being pumped into the atmosphere. Andme or climate change. Two Rangers try to put out the flames using small water pumps. But as soon as one fire is out another sparks It's not just the visible burning. That's a problem. Underground fire is boring. The permafrost ground, which in places has been frozen for tens of thousands of years. That's releasing even Mohr greenhouse gases. Further north in another Siberian forest, local firefighter Even Zahara is filling his water pump from a lake. He's got a shovel, too, to smother any hint of flame recently even helped put out a big fire here that was threatening his village. They're fashionable. I never saw a summer like it even says we had no rain at all. The dry grass was like gunpowder, but it's permafrost Thaw ring that worries me. Most. Our village could end up underwater.

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