Changing the Narrative with Rita Bautista


K.. Brita hello welcome to come on Bama. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks so much for having me today. I'm excited we've been talking for like thirty minutes. Now. You have an awesome stories. Let's dive into tell us who you are what your heritage. So my name is read about that and I am a as used to describe it. I'm Honduran my parents were both from Buddha's but I was born here in New Orleans and raised between New Orleans in Baltimore and I currently live in Houston. So I've had the best of all worlds. Yeah. Headed your parents arrive to to New Orleans. Oh my gosh. So it's interesting both my parents ended up in two different places. My mom ended up in Baltimore with visa the. First Ten than she came illegally, and then she came back again legally and then my dad came here with a visa to new. Orleans. which is a huge population of hundred people for all those under Daniels listened to me there's a huge population Chiquita banana used to be headquartered there at the story's pretty rich and dynamic I think I should probably tell it one day, but it's a really interesting story like two lane. University has lot of really thick ties in into hundreds like they actually have a whole bunch of like less Stella's from the Mayan Ruins. Actually. In the nineteen hundreds went to Tulane University went to Honduras and made copies of them and they're sitting in New Orleans on at the military base. Okay. Fact very attacked. So how is it that it's a big population in your let I mean, it's not random, but it's like not your big cities are right. Well, for anybody WHO's been to New Orleans they have that like has at European small town feel and the climate really tropical. You know if it's if you're going to be close to home, you might as well be host in temperature to but like I said that to keep a banana used to be housed in or their headquarters was in new, ORLEANS? So since the ladder leads bananas in Lewis were also I guess they were reporting to New Orleans everybody who was coming over from Honduras to our liens found out about it because of the Banana Trade So interesting to get I don't be sick of that. But again, that's Your Dad arrives there and then your mom is in Baltimore and then they meet somewhere between. So they've actually met in hunters for the second time. Yeah. My mom back two. The second time, and then while she's in Honduras with my brother, she got married in Baltimore and then it didn't work. She got divorced in the ends up in under his an that second go round. She meets my dad in Honduras and she comes back to Baltimore with my brother wants all you your residency came out and everything she went back and then my dad ends up in New Orleans in. He's like you need to come check this out. This is like hundred number two like you know come visit me and sure enough she goes down there they fall in love with each other than this beautiful child was born.

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