All looking pretty good as well. Traffic sponsored by Valparaiso University. Everyone


University. Here's Bo Durant, Pat for a couple of hours Now we've been dealing with an issue on the outbound Kennedy Express a remains at Addison and ongoing investigation into a crash involving a motorcycle. All lanes are blocked on the outbound Kennedy at Addison. That's where traffic is diverted off of the Kennedy Expressway. The outbound Kennedy is a parking lot starting before North Avenue. It is Jim solid all the way out to Addison. Elson or Milwaukee Avenue. Your best alternates, but they're really packed in heavy, especially through the Logan Square and Avondale in Irving Park neighborhood. So expect just really big delays across the North side because of this outbound Kennedy closure that's been with us from the last couple of hours at Addison. All lanes are blocked. Eaton's okay both in and out bound. The Kennedy on the in bound side is heavy past Cumberland Nagel, then again, slow from bullets into the burn interchange. It's 27 minutes on the drive from O'Hare into downtown, Looking at 14 minutes in from the junction, local lanes 10 in the express lanes there still flowing inbound. No word of any plans to flip the express lanes to an outbound to flow to help with this outbound Kennedy issue. Guys now and down 42 minutes from around 3 1927 on the drive from Mannheim in the outbound night Pretty jammed in from independents out too before First Avenue Tuesday, Then again, 25th to Mannheim. It's 40 minutes out to Mannheim 53 from downtown out. 23 90 Stevenson Inbound 35 minutes from 3 55 25 from the Tri state The outbound Stevenson heavy before Damon before Harlem, you're looking at 43 minutes to get from the drive out to the veterans Tollway. The Dan Ryan down 27 minutes. 90 50 downtown without bounds. Okay,

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