Might think from time to time that this is a mismanagement issue sort of mismanagement issue.


Don't know anything. It's been proven that Congress can't manage their lunch money, and they are managing this or wanna manage this because there's so much money. Meaning so much power. Come on. That's the problem. And the last job one of the worst jobs in the world would be to be in charge of trying to manage a postal service that you have no power. You know if I work for somebody don't give me Responsibility. Don't get me accountability without giving me the authority to fix it. On the authority to fix it. Then forget about it. We could fix all the problems in the government as far as inefficiencies and ineffectiveness and about 30 seconds. All of it. I've said this before I could fix. I could fix those two security in about 20 minutes, I could fix all federal issues off mismanagement. And too much fat too much really easy. Really easy. Fire people. Can you imagine? Being a manager. Of a group of people that you can't fire. Think about it. It takes an act of Congress to fire somebody the on ly reason that the started to get straightened out. Was because President Trump make sure Hector Department of the VA and the management could fire people. Amazing how it started to get turned around. Every other federal organization is the same way. It pains me to see and read about the waste that is going on in federal government that could so easily be prevented if they could institute efficiency and effectiveness in management. Easy to fix. Put the blame the management off the Postal Service. For mismanaging. When their hands are tied by political garbage. It is ridiculous and it's shameful. That's exactly what happens.

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