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To the play offs in business. Global stocks are mostly higher this morning. U. S Futures Air Oppa's well Dow futures were up about 100 points. Now let's get an update on w G in traffic and watching the roads this morning. Here's Vicki Cocoons, Ian. Good morning. This traffic report is brought to you by plumbers, 911 dot com Plumbers nine When one wants to keep your family healthy during these unprecedented times, contact plumbers 901 at 833 plum 911 for information on touchless faucets and toilets. Another way to help safeguard your family from Cove in 19. In Glen Ellen. We have a crash that's now closing off Butterfield between Lambert and Park. Police and Cruz are unseen. It looks like they just put the car on the tow truck. So should be gone shortly, but still backing things up at that intersection. Also, the next big thing we're talking about is this trailer fire that's on eastbound 80 right after hall stead back and things up from Governors Highway we have the three right lanes blocked and causing Some capers delays on the westbound side. I'm Vicky conclusion from the Idot Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. A growing wildfire burning in Los Angeles County is getting dangerously close to the historic Mount Wilson Observatory. The bobcat fires burning within 500 Ft. Of the observatory in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Ella. Mount Wilson Observatory was founded in 1904. It's where astronomer Edwin Hubble showed that the Milky Way is one of the Galaxy's and where he confirmed the universe is still

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