La Casa Matusita

Haunted Places


Due to the graphic nature of this haunted place listener discretion is advised. This episode includes a dramatization of domestic violence harm against minors, murder and torture. We'd buys extreme caution for children under thirteen. Roy. Mr Mata Sita head only been looking for a new life for his family it seemed odd to cross a whole ocean to find a job, but he had to provide for them and keep them. It was a strange world. They lifted the all worked hard, and finally they earned enough to purchase a small building Lima. From the boats and the smell it was everything they'd hoped for. Mr Mata Sita wasn't satisfied. He didn't tell us family about the dreams. He had a dark eyed woman lit by an orange glow how softly she whispered to him calling him home. He began to neglect his family when he came home he slept so he could dream of her so we can run his fingers through the flames enveloped your body. They did not burn or crackle. They soothe him like a warm bath. At night he belonged to her and he was happy in the waking hours he was wracked with guilt. He closed up shop early one afternoon hoping to surprises wife maybe. For how distant he had been he was climbing the stairs to their second floor apartment when he heard a laugh. Then a moan. A masculine grunt. He tiptoed up the stairs. Every giggling gas but dagger in his heart. He had built guilty for dreams and she did this. He felt a fire rise within him. Red Hot snapping and Hungary? A warm hand squeezed shoulder guiding his fingers to a cleaver his wife used to butcher the chickens. He felt those soothing flames academy has as dark eyed beauty appeared cooing to him consoling. He didn't deserve this treatment. There was only one proper response. He raised his cleaver. Anti

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