Workers in the Seattle Area Told To Stop Work Due To Poor Air Quality


19 that pressed pause for some Washington workers and now summer again being told to stay home because of all the smokers. Cuomo's Brian Calvert of the first part of this week, work came to a stop on two comas. New hilltop light rail extension work also was paused on other local construction sites being outside and four air quality. It is very likely to reduce reduce serum serum you you some some urine urine is is Laurie Laurie Kelly. Kelly. She's She's the the director director of of a a health health clinic clinic and and says says those those still still working working outside outside need need more more breaks, breaks, preferably preferably in in an an indoor indoor space space with cleaner air. The smoke is also affecting the state's farm workers, and I've told the employer and they say, Well, if you don't want to come to work we understand and then at work, I'm having problems with my throat hurt him, And so instead of getting worse, I didn't go to work those Alvarez through an interpreter says. The one who employs workers outdoors should be providing a safe way to get the job done. And while the state has several protocols to protect workers from Cove Cove in in 19, 19, there there aren't aren't the the same same caliber caliber of of worker worker protections protections in in place place when when outside outside air air is is that that unhealthy unhealthy levels levels Brian Brian Calvert. Calvert. Camo Camo news news couple news time

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