ABC News and former Clintonites George Stephanopoulos. But The DNC may as well have put the whole thing on.


He didn't do well last night. Here's the deal. Yeah, look. Trump's an idiot. Um and hey, spent last night. Not doing very well didn't know how to answer questions, Displaying that he lacks all empathy, not telling the truth. I'm sure that for people who tuned in Hey, probably lost votes last night. I want your body to get out there, though. I I understand that Biden has the town Hall on CNN tomorrow night Thursday night. I hope as well that it is a town hall with really Americans. Americans who support Biden and don't support Biden or are undecided. I want Biden to get look, I want Biden to get and faced tough questions each and every day as well. Fact, I think Biden will do better with this stuff. Trump just doesn't Trump doesn't do criticism, obviously very well. Trump doesn't take criticism very well. If you criticize Donald Trump. You don't stick around very long, Donald Trump said. One thing, though last night again now that should bother all of us. So much jumped out. But this one really jumped out.

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