La Casa Matusita

Haunted Places


In many ways Lokossa to see sita is more legend than a place whispers surrounded in its neighborhood, Lima Peru and none of the stories about it entirely match they weave in and out of each other never forming a complete picture. Various businesses operated on the first floor of the two story building near the intersection Espana and Gossip Lhasa, de la Vega at us. But the top floor apartment rarely manages to keep an occupant. The each window that lines the wall is surrounded by cheery golden paint and Teal Trim. The Place Somehow always feels dark and closed in. Visitors find themselves assaulted by violent, but unseen forces, tortured cries and flying objects. A priest to attempted to exercise the building was heard screaming before he was found dead due to an apparent heart attack. The name itself derives from one of the legends surrounding. Qasim to see to. The Legend tells of Japanese immigrant by the name of much. Sita who killed his wife and her lover after discovering them in Flagrante. When he realized his children would never forgive him. He killed them as well before taking his own life. There are no historical records confirming this quadruple homicide ever occurred but allegedly, there are property records that Saint Immigrant family did occupy the building. At some point it is likely the name stuck due to rampant xenophobic sentiment in Peru during the first half of the twentieth century. Japanese immigrants began coming to Peru at the end of the eighteen hundreds and their numbers grew in decades that followed. By the nineteen forties however anti-japanese rioting and protests broke out in Lima result of long-standing xenophobia and the pressures of World War, two. The idea of an East Asian, immigrant holding a property like Mukasa, Macho Sita would stick in the minds of xenophobic Peruvians. But the legends of dark happenings at Mukasa Mata. Sita date back centuries before Mr Montecito set foot in south. America. The origin story of this haunting is actually about a very different kind of immigrations. Dare. VASA. Knew they were coming for her? She thought that her neighbors might be more just standing here than they've been in Europe but she learned however that hatred looks the same no matter where she went. When she was little dare Vassilios father told her that her blood, the blood of Persians south of it dynasty was the most rare in the. And while dare boat had been blessed with keen wit and a sharp tongue, she was a long way from Persia and the Peruvian locals had no qualms about reminding her. Not only did they find her form of prayer abhorrent? They resented the fact that she lived alone. She didn't need anyone to provide for her when found themselves in trouble she was the one to help them out with herbs and healing hands. She expected their protection and return, but even they bowed to the KISTA doors. She tried not to blame them. Many of her neighbors could still be calm when the INCA had ruled this land and not the Spanish. Some said, they had seen the fires that burned the Great General Chow Gucci Mock. They had heard that threats of Pizarro to burn their now murdered emperor at two Wolpe to. The Spanish said they were the fires of God and like Derek boats talents, her neighbors called it magic. Their fastball correct them magic was a tool for evil not a way to Allah or to their God's.

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