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He, James. Alexa Hay. Day yesterday yes. A Big Day relaunched podcast. Amazon music. who were who indeed where did you launch? We launched podcasts in the US the UK Germany and Japan all the countries in the world. Alexa, how many countries are there in the world according to Wikipedia? There are one hundred and ninety five countries in the world and how many countries have you launched podcasts in all four of them We make a good point I suppose yes. Well, anyway, no show notes at our newsletter. We have all you need to know about podcasts in Amazon music. Audie a significant new podcast studio launches in the UK The companies founded by global media executives and commissions made by journalists, directors, and producers. It's partnered with DAX for ad sales looks big. NPR is now. Schools Smart adds attribution joining over eleven thousand podcasts doing. So the technology helps advertisers understand how well that podcast answer doing. audio. Now, a PODCAST APP has launched in France. The free podcast APP will focus on local podcast content aiming to share data with podcasters. It's owned by prisoner media and M six RT L. They reached ninety six percent of the French population. Each month and eleven publishers have joined launch audio nares already leading podcast in Germany. With six million monthly users it's seen by some as an answer to American platforms. Diese I'd say selector feature which allows you to switch the editorial content of your APP to the country of your choosing maybe or break but you live in Australia you can get highlights of the latest music and podcasts from whatever country he wants. podcast movement virtual has announced a third round of speakers and speech text is a new podcast transcription service based in France. It has a free trial and a pay as you go pricing plan instead of a monthly subscription. Thank you to Amazon music who become our latest gold supporter? They've helped us get our email look Nice on outlook twenty sixteen for which we pay to hire a machine. Tam Amazon clearly how it works anyway, you can support us to at pod. News. Dot Net slash support. And Impalas News CNN and iheartradio have reached election one it's a new co-produced podcast that demystify mystifies the American Political System Good luck with that. Anyway it's hosted by CNN correspondent, Kristen Holmes distributed by the IHEART podcast network and hosted on megaphone plus month short-form podcast from CNN was launched on Omni Studio. Too. Much. To say with Kaley Shaw launched yesterday I may well have pronounced her name wrong. She is a country singer songwriter and she's launching this new podcast. We've bobby bones is Nashville podcast network

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