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Underway at this year's re scheduled events. Gary Woodland defending champ he's off afternoon. No fans allowed to baseball games of summer right the majors, but someone wanted a bird's eye view of the Cups Cleveland game at Wrigley Field Way have seen A lot of delays during our time calling games Wrigley Field, This is a first There is a drone with red lights flying high atop Left center field. A drone in the game shuts down for about seven minutes of the fifth inning with it flying around, then landing on the rig the outfield grass and taking off again. Field was cleared. There was no damage done. Just get gang calls her, You know, I mean, you never know. What was the deal with with a drum or was they was the primitives game drones into the 10th inning. Wherefore hobby bias drives any and half of the game ending single Cubs win three to fourth in a row. No decision for Jon Lester. Maybe his final Wrigley Field start. Minnesota home is twice off Lucas Giolito twins at a third longball, pop The White Sox fiveone. Just watch this one. Well, I think there's much else to say We just keep doing what we're doing. It's been working most of the Sox six game winning streak ends Get Justa Jose Bray you homer, the host Minnesota today at 1 10 Bears. Alan Robinson expects to be with the team the rest of the season. Giants kickoff Sunday. We've got exclusive live coverage from Soldier Field, starting at 9 A.m.. Here every game on Wcbm Josh lists NewsRadio 7 81 549 of them. They could Josh out W news time 7 18 traffic and weather together on a sponsored by edible arrangements. Here's Bo Duran. About four miles of four lanes of stopped traffic side by side awaits you on the outbound side of the Kennedy Expressway. This is all because all lanes of the outbound side of the Kennedy remained blocked ID Addison following a serious crash involving a motorcycle. This closure will be with us for some time. So plan for big delays on the North side. Getting on the downside of the Kennedy Expressway is a fool's errand. At this point, you are solid from Armitage to Addison. We're all traffic is diverted right off. You can't enter the outbound Kennedy until Irving Park where you have to do the job over to Keeler to get onto the outbound side of the Kennedy So as a result, we're seeing really heavy traffic not only packed in on the Kennedy itself impacted on the alternates with Alston or Milwaukee Avenue. Both are seeing some really heavy traffic. You're just seeing generally heavy traffic throughout the North side neighborhoods, especially the Avondale in Irving Park neighborhoods, so expect big delays throughout the morning as the outbound Kennedy remains closed. At Addison, the inbound Kennedy. So from Nagel, too, the evenings and again from Armitage into the burn interchange to 29 minute pace getting from O'Hare to downtown 16 and from the junction local lanes 12 in the express. No delays on the Edens in our outbound, the Eisenhower inbound report of a crash around Mannheim 35. Minutes from round 3 90 22 from Anaheim in the up side, like solid past independence out too, before Harlem today. 35 minutes out to Mannheim. It's 48 outs around. 3 90 Stevenson. Anna down. You're looking at 36 minutes to get from 3 55 the lakeshore drive 26 from the tri state. The outbound Stevenson is moving at the speed limit on the Dan Ryan inbound approaching 43rd report of the crash in the express lanes in your heavy from 35th two roads held as well is 27 minutes to get from 95th. Downtown, up pounds, right? No, I 57 problems. The Bishop Ford on the in bound side Slow pass 159 2 before civilly with a stall in the left lane, Then yourself 103rd to the merge is 20 minutes from 80 94 to the Dan Ryan. No, lakeshore are no Noah. Lakeshore Drive South found problems but North bound on the drive, we're seeing some pretty heavy traffic from the Stevenson up into Grant Park, the tri state tollway Northam still approaching to 90, but the South side's fine no delays on the Adams the Reagan or 3 55 withdraw 53 clear I 80

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